Severance Agreement Negotiation

Have you been terminated or laid off from your job? In recent years, companies large and small have been conducting massive layoffs. It is a time of great turmoil for our state’s workforce. Washington is an at-will state, meaning an employer can hire and fire for any reason or no reason. They do not have to give a reason and they do not have to prove “cause” to let you go as an employee. Washington also does not require employers to offer severance packages to employees they terminate or lay off.

While that may sound grim, there are some employers who do offer severance packages. At Washington Injury Lawyers, PLLC, we have developed a robust severance practice where we use our skills in negotiation, learned through over a decade of litigation, as well as our in-depth knowledge of employment and severance law to get you the best severance package for your circumstances. We have learned to use equitable and unconventional strategies for compromise to bring employers and employees together to resolve these disputes as amicably as possible. We know a lot of hurt feelings occur when employees suddenly find they are without a job. Contact us for help working through those emotions and find out if there is a way we can help you increase your employer’s severance offer.