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How to keep kids safe this Halloween

As you’re planning this year’s Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating plans, take a moment to think about safety for your children and yourself. The Washington State Department of Health offers a number of tips for staying safe on Halloween. Here are… (…)

Injured at work? Take these steps.

Getting hurt at work can be a very scary experience. After an injury, you might worry about how you will afford the medical bills, or about what will happen if you need to take time off work to recover. Thankfully,… (…)

What you need to know about kids and dog bites

Now that summer is here, kids are going to be spending a lot more time playing in parks and in friend’s yards. Spending time outside can also mean spending time around dogs. It is important to remember that under the… (…)

Thinking beyond workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation was designed to cover medical expenses and compensate you for missed work if you are injured on the job. You have probably heard of workers’ compensation, and it’s likely that your boss has told you exactly what to… (…)

How insurance companies take advantage of injury victims

When you are dealing with insurance matters after a crash, it’s important to remember that insurance companies are financially motivated to pay out as little as possible, protecting their bottom lines. No matter what they say, be aware that they… (…)

How a personal injury claim works

Most people who have experienced injuries are not familiar with the court system. They haven’t had to take legal action before, and they often feel intimidated by the thought of talking with a lawyer and going to court. If you… (…)